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We offer our diverse group of industry partners a forum for professional development, building strong relationships, and influencing change. This requires us to proactively embrace, enhance, and lead the evolution of the travel environment. We are committed to delivering value for our members and the communities in which they live and work.

NCBTA was founded in Greensboro in 1974.


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Cast Your Vote Now for NCBTA 2016 Elections!


GBTA North Carolina 2016 Annual Elections are now open for voting from Thursday December 8th – Thursday December 22nd for the following NCBTA board positions:

1)     GBTA North Carolina President Elect – The president elect will hold this term for one (1) year for 2017 and then automatically be promoted to chapter President for a term of two (2) years 2018 and 2019. The chapter president is the dedicated leader of GBTA North Carolina working to maintain oversight of all committee and chapter activities while working to ensure the most value is maintained for both the organization and its members.

Term Length: 3 Years Total

2)    GBTA North Carolina Treasurer – The NCBTA Treasurer works closely hand in hand with our outsourced administrative resource to ensure oversight of day to day expenditures, improvement of accounting and profitability procedures, and the overall financial fiscal health of the organization in tandem with NCBTA’s President, President Elect and Vice President.

Term Length: 2 Years

3)    (2) Direct Board Members – Direct or travel buyer NCBTA Board members are pivotal to the organization as both advocates and active committee leaders. This is a great way to get your feet wet or reignite your involvement with NCBTA board/committees.

Term Length: 1 Year


President Elect Nominees


Emily Winfrey

From:                                      Raleigh, NC

Daytime Role:                       Director of Sales at Residence Inn

Industry Experience:            10 Years

NCBTA Member:                    4 Years – Philanthropy Co-Chair, Auction Chair, Education & Meetings Committees

GBTA Member:                       1 Year

Emily’s Nominee Statement:

Hi Y’all!

Thank you for your consideration of my nomination for NCBTA’s President Elect role!

Ever since joining the organization four years ago, I have immediately loved this group and applied myself both as a member and active committee contributor in various areas including: Philanthropy, Meetings Planning/Execution, Auction Management and general cross committee collaboration.

Having been in hospitality for 10 years serving the Triad, RDU and coastal areas of the state, I bring a firm understanding of its cultural variances along with actionable qualities which include:

  •          Sincere Professionalism Founded in Integrity & Hard Work
  •          Leadership with an Open Mind
  •          Structured Methodologies
  •          Excellent Communication and Written Skills
  •          Strong Financial Acumen
  •          Ambition Grounded in a Realistic Approach


As GBTA North Carolina’s potential President and President Elect, I will continually strive on your behalf to be the best leader possible while continually working towards program and organizational improvement.


Eric Norris

From:                                Raleigh, NC

Daytime Role:                 Global Account Executive at Oakwood Worldwide

Industry Experience:      1 Year

NCBTA Member:            1 Year – Membership Committee

GBTA Member:         

Eric’s Nominee Statement:

Thank you for the opportunity to run for President Elect of NCBTA. I have the upmost confidence my experience with managing some of the largest travel/housing programs within the state of North Carolina and beyond has equipped me with not only the professional skills, however a well-built network that I am set on connecting together as we collectively strengthen NCBTA. I am currently the Global Account Executive for Oakwood Worldwide representing the entire state of North Carolina responsible for temporarily housing business professionals all around the world. From CEOs to Consultants, from Hospitals to Tech companies, I have firsthand in-depth experience on relocation, onboarding, mobility, internship programs, massive consulting projects and international patient care/treatment.

Based on partnering with substantial North Carolina Enterprises, I have been exposed to different partnerships between Travel Managers & Suppliers, thus giving me insight to pros/cons over many different agreements set in the marketplace today. As I frequently work with business travelers, it’s important that I stay in tune to latest trends and liabilities associated. I’m excited to be in a position that would evolve to President with NCBTA where I can make it a point to leverage the incredible knowledge base already in place as we welcome new members and new insight.

My main focus and reason for running for President elect is very simple. I want NCBTA to be a place where more representatives who manage travel have a place to gather and meet others in similar roles facing the same challenges day to day. To continue the success of NCBTA, it’s important we as a whole continue to bring relevant info and challenges that engage travel representatives and equip them with impactful insight to take back to their companies. Companies who will only in turn see the justification to invest more into NCBTA. No matter the outcome of this election, I am committed to helping grow the NCBTA into what I know it has the potential to be and look forward to what is shaping up to be an exciting 2017!


Treasurer Nominees


Mark Williams

From:                                      Greensboro, NC

Daytime Role:                         Partner at Goldspring Consulting

Industry Experience:              27 Years

NCBTA Member:                    4 Years – Philanthropy Committee Co-Chair

GBTA Member:                      22 Years


Mark’s Nominee Statement:

As a business owner and CPA I believe I can provide value and a unique perspective to NCBTA in the role of Treasurer.  My background in public accounting and roles as both buyer and supplier in the travel industry give me multiple insights into the financial aspects of organizations. My buyer experience was gained in my ten years as the Director of Travel at Price Waterhouse and PricewaterhouseCoopers. The relationships established in that role provided me with an understanding of the industry from the buyer perspective. Since that time as a buyer I have been an industry consultant with IBM, Advito, and GoldSpring Consulting.

I have always believed in community involvement and industry involvement. Prior to moving to North Carolina I lived in Tampa, Florida, where I served on the Board of the Tampa Bay Business Travel Association and was an active member for many years. During that time, I was also involved in ACTE, serving on the Board for ten years, and as Vice President – Finance & Treasurer, and then President in 2003. I look forward to the opportunity to be more involved in NCBTA in 2017 and beyond.


Wendy Palmer

From:                                      Concord, NC

Daytime Role:                         Strategic Partnerships Manager at Travel Leaders Corporate

Industry Experience:              23 Years

NCBTA Member:                    10 Years – Past President & Marketing Committee Co-Chair

GBTA Member:                       10 Years


Wendy’s Background:

Wendy Palmer has actively held a variety of positions within the NCBTA Board and Committees over the past 10 years including Past President, Vice President, Meetings Committee Chair, and currently Marketing Committee Co-Chair.

Her passion for business travel is demonstrated through her day to day work ethic not only with her Strategic Partnerships Manager role at Travel Leaders Corporate, but also to her ongoing goal of consistent improvement within the NCBTA organization.

Wendy has 23 years of industry experience ranging from supply, operations, account management, program strategy and client retention.


Direct Board Member Nominees


Pam Davis

From:                                      Raleigh, NC

Daytime Role:                       Travel Manager at Red Hat, Inc.

Industry Experience:            15 Years

NCBTA Member:                   2 Years – Current Incumbent Direct Board Member & Membership Committee Co-Chair

GBTA Member:                      1 Year


Pam’s Nominee Statement:

As an active board member for NCBTA in 2016, I believe I can add even more value in 2017. I’ve gained valuable experience from this team, events, and increased participation with the GBTA organization. I’d like the opportunity to continue as an NCBTA Board Member for 2017 to continue giving back and help other direct members see the value of this organization.

The Red Hat mission statement reads: “To be the catalyst in communities of customers, contributors, and partners creating better technology the open source way.” I see NCBTA with the same opportunity for collaboration between customers and suppliers to bring about new ideas or solutions to support travelers.




Diane Guarantano

From:                                     Winston Salem, NC

Daytime Role:                      Travel Coordinator at Salem Sports Inc.

Industry Experience:           20 Years

NCBTA Member:                  New

GBTA Member:                     New



Diane’s Nominee Statement:

With over twenty-five years in the travel and hospitality industry, I believe my perspective is unique because my experience and career paths have allowed me to view the industry from both sides; that of a supplier and that of a buyer.  I began my career as a front desk agent at a Holiday Inn in Illinois in order to pay for college, and quickly moved up the operations ranks into management before taking the leap into a sales position.  I then spent the next fifteen years in sales, again working my way up the corporate ladder into a management role, before leaving my position in the industry as a Regional Director of Sales and Marketing, overseeing 36 properties for a hospitality firm, to begin my own meeting planning company.  My properties included limited service, full service and a large 40,000 square foot convention center with a staff of almost 100. For the next seven years, I provided former clients of mine the expertise and knowledge I gained from the “other side” to help manage the logistics of their travel and meeting needs before accepting my current position.  Currently, as a private vendor for the PGA, I manage a $2m travel budget for 40-45 travelers who travel 150 days per year, each.   As a new position for the company, I was not only hired to manage the travel, but also write and implement policy and SOP.  This is what makes my perspective unique; I worked in the hospitality field long enough to gain knowledge on the intricacies of the industry as well as working in a corporate environment allowing me to gain a better understanding of the needs of the traveler.

NCBTA 2017 Technology Day
Thursday February 2nd 2017 from 8am - 3:30pm
February 02, 2017
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
The Westin Charlotte
601 S. College Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
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